Lane Cove New Build 2018

Interior Design of 3 level family residence constructed in Lane Cove by A&A Building Services, completed in 2018. Building Designer: James Cooper, Sanctum Design.

Design In Collaboration

Even if you have already engaged an architect/building designer, Look can work in collaboration (as we did with Sanctum Design in this project) to provide a consistent and more refined theme for your interiors. Working in this manner will also ensure desired interior inclusions are planned well ahead and incorporated into your building cost, rather than becoming an expensive oversight.


Look’s Design Principal, Natalie Andersen, holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture in addition to a Masters of Architecture. Under her direction, Look can provide you with a number of design services that can be carried out in collaboration with you existing project team, to cost effectively materialise all of your desired inclusions. If either you or your trade professional have to guess how important interior aspects of your renovation are to be constructed, then needless frustration, time delays and cost overruns will be the end result, rather than the rewarding and exciting experience you had hoped for.


Look’s carefully considered interior design drawings and documentation will ensure you get the look you want, rather than your builder or trade professional’s interpretation. So if you are inspired to make changes to your home and would like a Design Fee Proposal for your project, simply call 0438 699 949 or email Natalie at to discuss your needs.