Clovelly Renovation 2014

Substantial renovation of an existing residence in Clovelly, 2014.

Scope Of Work

  • Development Application for council approval for alterations and additions.
  • Interior Architecture & Construction Documentation including:
    • Joinery Design, Selection & Documentation
    • Bathroom Design, Selection & Documentation
    • Kitchen Design, Selection & Documentation
    • Lighting & Electrical Design, Selection & Documentation
  • On-site construction advice and project management
  • Interior/exterior colour, material & finishes selection

Residential Design

Renovating with the assistance of a suitably qualified Interior Architect will ensure your renovation will be a very rewarding and exciting experience. Look’s Design Principle, Natalie Andersen, holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture in addition to a Masters of Architecture. Under her direction, Look can provide you with a comprehensive suite of services that have been tailored over the past 25 years to assist astute home owners with their renovation and building projects.


There are many ways in which Look can assist you with your project, beginning with ensuring you receive the necessary advice, construction drawings, documentation and all necessary Building Approvals prior to commencing your renovation project. Even if you do not require a Building Approval, good construction drawings and documentation will assist you in cost effectively realising all of your best ideas. If either you or your trade professional have to guess how important aspects of your renovation are to be constructed, then needless frustration, time delays and cost overruns will be the end result rather than the rewarding and exciting experience you had hoped for.


Look’s carefully considered design drawings and documentation will ensure you get the look you want, rather than your builder or trade professional’s interpretation. So if you are inspired to make changes to your home and would like a Design Fee Proposal for your project, simply call 0438 699 949 or email Natalie at to discuss your needs.