“I believe that building and renovating is an organic process and requires a flexible and responsive approach. Therefore a good designer is one who has the ability to view design as part of the whole picture, rather than having a dogmatic approach. For a good outcome it must be a collaborative, open dialogued process between the client, builder and designer.”

Natalie Andersen – Principal Architect

Look Design Group was founded by its’ Director, Natalie Andersen, who has 25+ years of experience working within the Construction and Design industries.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture in addition to a Master of Architecture so is uniquely skilled in both interior design and architecture.

Under her direction, Look is dedicated to providing intelligent and individual creative responses to each client’s brief. The design process for us is largely intuitive and commences with us combining your brief with our innate understanding of what spatially works best, from having being involved in Building and Renovating projects for over 25+ years.

Our design aesthetic is as varied and individual as you are, as we welcome client involvement in the design process to ensure our designs reflect their occupants, rather than conforming to any pre-determined design aesthetic of ours. Our design intent is to provide you with a well-designed, individually tailored home which embodies good aesthetics and functionality in equal measure.

Look can assist with anything from small renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms, right through to $5 million dollar building projects. For further information on how Look can work collaboratively with you to ensure your aspirations are elegantly and efficiently resolved, contact Natalie via email at or call her directly on 0438 699 949 to discuss your needs.


Offering individual, personalised Architecture and Interior Design services, project briefs range from small renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms, right through to full design documentation of $5million dollar residences. Look provides a comprehensive suite of services that have been tailored over the past 10 years. These services provide the necessary support, construction documentation and innovative design solutions required to cost effectively realise all of their client’s best ideas and include:

  • All aspects of Architecture & Interior Design including:
  • Development Application preparation & lodgement (DA’s) with Council
  • Complying Development Certificates & Construction Certificates for Private Certification
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design & Construction Procurement
  • Custom Joinery Design & Construction Procurement
  • 2D & 3D computer aided design & drafting computer aided design & drafting
  • Construction Detailing & Documentation
  • Lighting & Electrical Design
  • Material & Finishes selection
  • Furniture Design & Procurement
  • On-site construction advice and design project management

For further information on these services or to make an appointment please call Look Design Group on 0438 699 949 or alternatively e-mail Natalie at today.


The first part of the design process typically commences with an Initial Service Meeting (ISM). This is an introductory, on-site design service that is primarily focused on saving you time and money, by quickly establishing the feasibility of your proposed renovation. Designed to minimize the initial ‘guess work’, you can receive some preliminary advice on how best to achieve your desired renovation outcomes for your home, whist also understanding if we are a good fit for your project and circumstances. The fee for ISM’s located within 20km of our office is $400+GST and aims to provide you with the following:

  1. General Council planning conditions relevant for your site.
  2. Initial design advice on your proposed modifications.
  3. Help establishing a detailed design brief & budget.
  4. An indication of how long your project will take to execute.
  5. Any required building approval process, design services & their associated fees.

The initial on-site meeting typically takes about 2 hours and is followed up within 7 days with a detailed proposal to outline all of your recommended scope, the necessary steps and associated costs. If you cannot attend site due to residing overseas or interstate then we can also conduct an ISM for you as a combination of site attendance and video conferencing.