The Construction

Look Design Group can assist you with the construction of your project, beginning with ensuring you have the necessary construction documentation and building approvals prior to commencement. Even if you do not require a building approval, good construction drawings and documentation will assist you in eliminating needless frustration, timely delays and cost over-runs.

In addition to having the necessary documentation and Building Approvals in place, the next important step is selecting your builder. No matter what type and size of construction project you are planning for your home or business, you will need to find a professional building company that will do a great job. Look Design Group can help manage the building process for you by recommending quality trade professionals and reputable builders that will produce excellent results and at a fair price.


Good construction drawings and a professional building contractor are essential for any construction project, but turning something from 2D to 3D sometimes requires on-site guidance and mediation. As with most things in life, being able to effectively communicate, having knowledge and staying informed is always the best approach, which is where Look can further assist you.

Look Design Group offers on-site construction advice and design project management, charged on an hourly rate as required, not as a percentage of the project construction cost like larger organizations. Looks’ director, Natalie Andersen, has 25+ years of experience working within the construction industry so she is well versed in construction terms and has a sound understanding of the processes involved. This is particularly helpful when assisting you to effectively communicate with your building contractor and be a part of the decision making process, to ensure you get what you want instead of your builders’ interpretation. With effective communication a good contractor will also be more willing to take in your suggestions and desires throughout the construction project.

It is also helpful to walk through the site early and often so you can take in the scale and dimension of things. Your building contractor will not have time to go through every single construction detail with you. At your request Look can visit your construction site and explain how important elements of your design are to be constructed, both to you and your building contractor if required. This is particularly helpful in getting a feel for the difference between two dimensional, scaled construction drawings and your three dimensional, life-sized construction site.

Finally, no matter how you prepare for the construction process, there will be some unavoidable stress on your part and your building contractor. Having someone on your team with knowledge and an understanding of the processes will assist you to be able to roll with the bumps and appreciate the process more readily.

For further information on how Look can collaborate with you and your builder to assist with your construction process, simply call 0438 699 949 or contact Natalie via email at to discuss your needs.