Creating Documentation

“Good drawings put everyone on the same page”.

Whilst your builder may be well equipped to undertake all of your structural requirements, design drawings convey your distinct sense of style and ensure that desired inclusions are planned ahead and included in your building cost. Even obtaining a custom kitchen or bathroom design for your space is not a simple or easy task. These days, most kitchen and bathroom design is done by salespeople who are working under the disguise of ‘designers’ offering a free service, with hefty commissions built in to the cost of your renovation.

Design Documentation is offered from small renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms, right through to full design documentation of $5million dollar residences. No matter the project size, your brief will be converted into a carefully considered designed response, articulated through design drawings, material and finishes selections and a detailed specification. This is to inform you and your builder of all the critical aspects of your project, leaving nothing to guesswork.

Good documentation also enables you to obtain accurate building tenders at more competitive prices. This is because all of the necessary information for all the trades involved is contained within Look’s detailed drawings. The construction process itself also goes much more smoothly without unnecessary and costly delays caused when tradesmen have to stop to ask or figure out what is intended with your design.

Click on the images below to see an example of Look’s Kitchen Drawings, typically used for Tender and Construction Purposes:

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