Award Winning Designs

Look Design Group has been the recipient of numerous design awards, for both Building Design & Interior Design. Here is a snapshot of our most recent awards and projects.

Winner Residential Alterations & Additions over $600,000 for Mosman Renovation 2020
Commendation Small Lot Housing for Bondi Renovation 2021
Winner Small Lot Housing for Clovelly New Build 2017
Winner Kitchen Design for Mosman Renovation 2016
Commendation Residential Alterations/Additions $500,001 + Over for Mosman Renovation 2016
Commendation Residential Interior for Mosman Renovation 2016
Winner Small Lot Housing for Clovelly Renovation 2014
Commendation Residential Interior for Clovelly Renovation 2014
Commendation Non-Residential Interior for Sushi Train Randwick 2015

Design Workshops

Focusing on Kitchen and Bathroom design, our design workshops facilitate a deeper understanding of these two key areas of your home. These design workshops step you through the methodology used by Natalie when working with clients, to ensure an outcome that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending our next workshop.

Good Design Gives Back

As the director of Look Design Group I am passionate about ‘giving back,’ not because I can afford to give freely of my time, but rather because I have experienced adversity myself and know what it feels like to need a helping hand. I therefore feel morally obliged to offer assistance wherever possible on pro bono projects, particularly indigenous housing projects. My current pro bono project is for Deciding to Make a Difference, providing assistance with the design of a community dialysis building for the Jilkminggan NT community. Remote Aboriginal communities like Jilkminggan experience third world conditions without proper access to water, power and sanitation. Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting this worthwhile project.

Small Lot Housing Winner

Look Design Group is passionate about creating Small Lot Housing Designs (homes on sites less than 350m2), enjoying the challenges associated with providing sustainable and creative solutions that address urban sprawl.  Find out what our principle Natalie Andersen was thinking when addressing the challenges associated with renovating this compact semi in Clovelly and turning it into an Award Winning Design. Please get in touch if you are interested in creating an awarding winning small lot housing design for your site.

Look Books

Bathrooms and kitchens are substantial investments when building or renovating, but if designed well they will add much more than their equivalent value to your home’s resale value. Our Beautiful Bathroom Design and Clever Kitchen Design guides step you through the methodology used by Look when working with clients to ensure an outcome that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Contact us via our contact page for your free copy.


“We used Look Design group for our home renovation in 2018. We had fairly clear ideas about what we wanted to achieve to suit our lifestyle and family requirements, Natalie worked with us seamlessly to create exactly what we wanted. A lot of design professionals want to have total control and will only do full projects from start to finish, with Look we were able to have a flexible more hands on approach whilst having the reassurance that all of the requirements for council were being met.

The flexibility allowed us to save costs and made the process very enjoyable. Look made us feel thoroughly involved and we were rewarded by getting a home that we truly love.”


“I engaged Natalie Andersen (Look Design) in March 2015 following a very poor experience with an Architect working on the design of my Renovation, which is an extensive rebuild of a two storey house in Balmoral with a spend of $2m.

By the time the build will be complete at the end of this year, I will have worked with Natalie for nearly 20 months. I am not the easiest person to work with, but Natalie’s great sense of humour, professionalism and pragmatic approach has made the whole experience actually enjoyable bordering on “fun” and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”


“We sought interior design assistance for our new build Lane Cove House. While we had a great experience with the building designer, we elected to branch out for interior advise. We found Natalie to be very professional, engaging and genuinely interested in our project. She took us out of our comfort zone in a few areas and we really appreciate the outcome. Design fees where well and truly covered by trade discounts obtained on the purchase of furniture and fittings. Its a no brainer.“


”I contracted Look Design Group, to provide a unique design for our house renovation in Clovelly. The project was a full renovation with only 2 walls left on the original house. I briefed Natalie Andersen on the scope we had in mind, which was then turned into reality with her incredible vision. Natalie’s attention to detail in planning and finishes has been a great asset in realising the best possible outcome for this project. I have found Natalie is willing to communicate not only with myself, but also the builders and trades onsite to ensure everyone is ‘buying’ into the success of this project.”


”Generous with her time and knowledge, Natalie is the first to harness a creative challenge – the extensive renovation of our tiny terrace. With clever use of space and design, Natalie managed to accommodate our requirements whilst still complying with council development constraints. Her enthusiasm for design is contagious. Her friendly and professional approach refreshing. Why wouldn’t we recommend her services?”


”We had the pleasure of working with Natalie throughout the renovation of our home. Being our first renovation it was overwhelming knowing how much had to be done and how many decisions needed to be made. Prior to commencement Natalie reviewed our plans and recommended a number of simple changes which have made all the difference to the end product.”


”In 2009 I constructed my home for the first time, a daunting experience given the anticipated $5 million dollar project cost but it was made simple with the talented team from Look Design Group... I found Natalie’s knowledge of bespoke design, building and construction incredible. She saved me thousands, kept the build on budget and on time, creating a dwelling that is visually stunning... Natalie and her team exceeded all my expectations and made the daunting process of building a $5 million dollar home simple.”


”With construction already underway on a recent townhouse development, my builder suggested consulting Natalie to identify more effective ways to use space within some of the functional areas. Having already had design input from the architect I was originally hesitant to incur additional cost and unsure that there would be any real benefit. However Natalie’s input dealt so effectively with the issues identified that I was happy to appoint her to take on a broader role in the design and specifications for the entire project.... Natalie’s fresh approach, enthusiasm and genuine ‘value add’ on this project led me to utilise her services in undertaking a refurbishment of my own home, again with impressive results. I plan to use Natalie’s services in my next project, involving her from the outset.”


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